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Researchers easily crack iOS-generated Hotspot passwords

When you enable the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone, iOS will generate a password on your behalf. It's convenient, but recent research from FAU in Germany suggests it is not very secure. According to researchers Andreas Kurtz, Felix Freiling and Daniel Metz, the default hotspot password i...

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Using Verizon Personal Hotspot on your new iPad: the basic setup

One of the nice features about getting the Verizon edition of the new iPad is that you get the Personal Hotspot feature free with any data plan. Not familiar with the concept of a Personal Hotspot? It's the way to use your iPad as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing your 3G or 4G connection with up...

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iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot put to the test

It's a good thing that I decided to sign up for AT&T's implementation of the iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot feature while I was standing in line for my iPad 2 a couple of weeks ago. I'm accompanying my wife on a conference trip this week, using the time away from my consulting clients to get some...

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UK cell operator O2 changes tariffs, offers free tethering

Here in the UK, O2 was Apple's partner operator for several years, and it remains the default choice for a lot of us iPhone users. With the new emphasis on tethering in iOS 4.3 via Personal Hotspot, many of us O2 users (particularly those of us with Wi-Fi iPads) have been clamoring for better tet...

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Does iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot add GPS to Wi-Fi only iPads?

There's a bit of a discussion floating around these days regarding the ability of the iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot to add GPS geolocation data to a Wi-Fi only iPad. This got started with an Urbanape post by blogger Zachary Bir in which he described being able to put his iPhone 4 in Personal Hotspot m...

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iOS 4.3 spotlight: Personal Hotspot

Perhaps the biggest feature available in the iOS 4.3 update today is the Personal Hotspot -- Verizon iPhone users have had access to the feature before now, but as of iOS 4.3, AT&T users can find the hotspot feature under the Network tab, inside the General Settings app on the iPhone. Note ...

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Rumor: iOS 4.3 today at 10 AM PT, including WiFi hotspot (Updated)

A rumor fresh out of BGR claims that iOS 4.3 may debut today at 10 AM Pacific Time. This release date is earlier than the March 11 date suggested last week when the gold master version of the mobile operating system was released to developers. BGR also claims the widely-reported three device Wi...

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Using Personal Hotspot for FaceTime over 3G

If you've used a Novatel Wireless MiFi 3G Hotspot for Wi-Fi connectivity on the go, you know that it's basically like having a Wi-Fi router that you can carry with you anywhere. That means that anything that works on Wi-Fi -- including FaceTime video calling -- works over the 3G internet connectio...

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AT&T confirms it will support personal hotspot for the iPhone

AT&T representative Seth Bloom reportedly told PhoneScoop that AT&T will offer personal hotspot when it debuts with iOS 4.3. As was suggested in earlier rumors, the hotspot feature will require customers to subscribe to the $45/4 GB DataPro Plan with tethering. AT&T was rumored to be ...

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iOS 4.3 beta users able to use wireless hotspot on AT&T

An isolated report suggests AT&T is beginning to provision its system to support personal hotspot on iPhones running iOS 4.3. According to AppleInsider, a developer with a beta build of iOS was able to set up his AT&T account with this upcoming feature. He reportedly mentioned Verizon a few ...

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Personal hotspot for Verizon iPhone priced at $20 for 2 GB, order pages live on Apple Store

Update: Apple's order pages for the Verizon iPhone are live on the Apple Store, but of course you can't actually order a phone yet -- MobileCrunch suggests practicing your order process just for fun and to refine your plan selections. [Just kidding.] Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney confi...

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Mobile Hotspot function rumored to come to all carriers with iOS 4.3

Boy Genius Report (BGR) suggests this morning that the personal hotspot feature described at yesterday's Verizon announcement will be a part of iOS 4.3 and will work on iPhones of all stripes (pending carrier support and approval, of course). Citing "sources," BGR says that users will be able to con...

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