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Non-transparent mod for Leopard's new menubar

If you've seen any pictures or movies of Leopard's (mostly) final UI in action from this week's WWDC events or the new Leopard section at apple.com, you've probably noticed that Apple has introduced a new design to their menubar, Desktop and Dock (watch the video to see these new toys in action). Th...

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Witch - bring Windows app switching to Mac OS X

The way that applications, windows and our OS behave is a subject of much debate. Toss some life-long switchers into the mix and boy-howdy, you got yourself the nerd version of a bar fight. One of these much debated behaviors between Mac OS X and Windows is how to handle switching between applicat...

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Service Scrubber is Universal

I'm not sure when it turned, but Service Scrubber has become a Universal Binary. We've mentioned this slick utility before, but in case you're unfamiliar, Service Scrubber allows you to do three fundamental things with that powerful, but seldom used, Services menu underneath your active Application ...

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