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OS X menu bar app released to control Hue lighting

Earlier this year, Philips released its Hue connected lighting system, which consists of Wi-Fi-enabled LED lightbulbs users can control via an iOS app. The lights have proved insanely popular among both techies and ordinary consumers. Last March, Philips released an official SDK for the lights. No...

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Philips expands iOS-controlled Hue line

Still love it when the lights in your house flash a rainbow of colors every time you're mentioned in a tweet? According to The Verge, Philips has announced two new additions to the Hue line of internet-controlled lighting; the US$89.95 LightStrips and the $79.95 Bloom. LightStrips are flexible,...

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Daily Update for March 11, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Philips debuts iOS SDK for its light bulbs

No, that headline isn't a joke. You can tell we're living in the 21st century when even lightbulbs have SDKs. The new Philips SDK and APIs are for the company's Hue Connected lighting system. Hue lights are WiFi bulbs users can control with an iOS device. Philips is releasing an SDK and API for...

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Philips departs consumer electronics market; Funai to carry on Apple accessory line

After struggling to find its niche in the modern consumer electronics landscape for many years, Philips has thrown in the towel. The company went from offering TVs and MP3 players to focusing on accessories such as iPhone docks and stereo headphones. According to the Wall Street Journal, the remai...

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Philips Hue digital lighting system will be exclusive to Apple Stores

Did you ever think that you'd be able to purchase light bulbs at an Apple Store? Well, starting tomorrow, the Philips Hue web-enabled smart bulb will be available only in Apple Stores. Like the Greenwave Reality smart LED bulbs covered by TUAW's Mike Rose last week, the Philips Hue system can...

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Share iPad displays with Philips In-Car Screen Kit

I have kids, and I live over three hours away from our nearest family. I know how difficult it is to entertain a car full of kids while driving, which is why the Ubergizmo post about the Philips In-Car screen kit caught my eye. It's simply a pair of LCDs that strap to the back of a car seat a...

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With AirPlay, Apple opens iTunes software to a 3rd party

Engadget reports that Apple has opened its AirPlay technology to a third party, BridgeCo. BridgeCo is the maker of JukeBlox, a network streaming technology that's embedded into its partners' audio products and equipment to allow wireless audio streaming. And, it just so happens, according to Brid...

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Philips AJ300D/37 Docking Entertainment System

We here at TUAW are fans of iPod gadgets, and this new Dock/Alarm clock/Speaker system from Philips looks pretty good. It uses 'wOOx' technology to create impressive sound (according to their website) and includes a remote designed for one handed use. In addition it has dual alarm clock and an FM/A...

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Better and cheaper iPod screens from Philips

Now this I want. At CES 2007, Philips introduced two new iPod gadgets, the DCP750 and the DCP850 which allow you to dock your iPod and watch your video on a 7-inch or 8.5-inch screen. You can use the included car adapter, so you can watch video in your car on these nicely sized screens, or you can u...

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