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Button TrackR extends Indiegogo campaign: never leave your coat or keys behind again

Way back in November, TUAW first covered the Wallet TrackR campaign on Indiegogo. That initial campaign offered a device that could be slipped into your wallet or jacket, and that used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to ensure long battery life and easy iOS integration. Originally scheduled to ship in...

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Wallet TrackR may be the next great way to safeguard your wallet

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is one of the overlooked heroes of iOS. Part of Bluetooth 4.0, it offers a low-power way to wirelessly connect sensors and other short-range devices to applications that can, with Apple's blessing, run in the background. That means, your phone can track and monitor syst...

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Phone Halo shows off the Cobra Tag and more at WWDC 2012

We talked about Phone Halo a couple of years ago, when the accessory company was making its own product: A little tracking tag that connected up to your keys or anything else you wanted to hang on to and used a free iPhone app to alert you whenever you needed to find them or whenever they wande...

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PhoneHalo for your iPhone helps finds your keys

If you've ever lost your keys in the house but have your phone, then PhoneHalo might be what you're looking for -- apart from your keys. The Bluetooth device attaches to something (typically keys) and allows you to "ping" the device via an app on your iPhone. It works the other way as well, al...

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