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Daily Mac App: iExplorer

Like most technically-inclined folks, I found myself doing a little family tech support over the holidays. I needed to use an iPod touch as a USB drive to copy files between my Mac and my brother's Windows 7 computer. This isn't something I'll do often so I was looking for something easy and free....

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How to transfer game saves between iOS devices, without iTunes, and without jailbreaking

If you own multiple iOS devices, you may have noticed that syncing game saves between them is nowhere near as easy as syncing other types of data. In fact, most people probably don't even know that it's possible to sync game saves between devices. This isn't a big deal for most casual-type iOS ...

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Phone Disk: Mounting your iOS device in OS X or Windows for free

How would you like to be able to mount a non-jailbroken iOS device as a disk on your Mac or PC? And what if this capability was (for a limited time) free? My guess is that a lot of you would take someone up on an offer like this. Developer Macroplant has come up with a solution that runs on a Mac w...

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