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Daily Update for February 2, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires F...

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Webcam antics with Rita and Frank

Here's an unintentionally amusing and decidedly sweet video of an older couple, Rita and Frank, trying to photograph themselves with their computer, referred to in the video description as "their new Mac." According to YouTube, the couple wants to take a photo commemorating Frank's 84th birthday, ...

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iOS 4.3 gold master rumored ready

According to Boy Genius Report, Apple has finalized the code for iOS 4.3 with build 8F190. The upcoming update is rumored to include a handful of new features, like iPad FaceTime, PhotoStream and PhotoBooth for iOS. If true, we'll likely see iOS 4.3 discussed or released next week during the pr...

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Apple patent suggests Photo Booth for iOS

Patently Apple uncovered a new patent that describes an iOS variant of the Photo Booth app that may be under development for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The patent describes an image capture and effects system that can be triggered by external cues such as shaking your phone. A new setting...

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iOS 4.3 rumored to have PhotoStream service, iPad FaceTime, PhotoBooth apps

They're not just rumors any more, or Apple's setting us up for a big April Fools Day. The developer release of iOS 4.3 Beta 2 has a home page icons image that's used in the wallpaper settings, showing the standard icons on your choice of wallpaper to show you how your choice will look. This new ...

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Logitech's HD Pro Webcam C910 now ready for Photo Booth, iChat and FaceTime

Although Apple includes an iSight or FaceTime webcam in almost every Mac, the low resolution (640 x 480 pixels for most machines, 1280 x 960 resampled to 640 x 480 for new MacBook Pros) of the cameras has lagged behind the webcams available from other computer manufacturers. Logitech markets a large...

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Beware Photo Booth time stamps: It's a bug, not a feature.

One of our readers informed us that he was seeing some strangeness with Photo Booth time stamps. Photo Booth is the built-in Mac app that lets you grab stills or video from your iSight or attached USB or Firewire camera. It does the job dutifully, and with no issues... until now. Beginning on or ...

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Found Footage: The do-it-yourself wedding photo booth

What do you get when you mix a MacBook, a US$99 printer, some Ikea shower curtains, and lot of wedding guests? In the case of Mac user David Cline, you end up with a very happy sister! During planning for his sister Helen's recent wedding, Cline looked into renting a wedding photo booth that woul...

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QuickTime 7.6 addresses security issues

QuickTime 7.6 is in the wild. Released today via Software Update and on Apple's support site, the new version "includes changes that increase reliability, improve compatibility and enhance security." It also makes your whites whiter and your brights brighter while helping you avoid embarrassing soci...

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Throwboy Dock Icon pillows

We're in the middle of gift guide season right now, but here's a gift that would fit great on any Mac user's list: Throwboy has designed a set of throw pillows after some of the Dock's most famous icons, including iTunes, iPhoto, Dashboard, and the Finder. They're 100% fleece, hand-crafted, and lo...

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Mac 101: Taking PhotoBooth pictures without flash, count-down

We love the quick tips that Tekzilla brings everyday. The other day they showed off a tip that we just couldn't turn down spreading. When you're in PhotoBooth you can use two key combos to either turn off the flash or temporarily disable the count-down. Hold down the shift key when you press the ta...

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FlickrBooth gets Leopard compatibility

We covered FlickrBooth a while back, when it was first released. FlickrBooth is a plug-in for Apple's PhotoBooth that allows you to instantly upload your creations to Flickr after taking the snapshot. The best thing about FlickrBooth 1.2 is that it now runs on Leopard. Some of the new features inclu...

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ecamm releases iGlasses 1.4

iGlasses, the software-based iSight video enhancer, has been upgraded to version 1.4. iGlasses is basically a bundle of video filters that allow you to process the iSight signal to enhance brightness or add special effects (like "night vision"). There are several new features of note introduced in v...

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Soon after the announcement of the MacBook Pro at Macworld San Francisco 2005, Chris Messina sent out a call to the Mac community to develop a hack for PhotoBooth that would allow him to automatically upload pictures to his Flickr account. Almost a year later, Tristan O'Tierney has answered that ca...

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Sketch Yourself with iPhoto and PhotoBooth

Planet Crimson has a nice how to up reminding us about iPhoto's built-in PhotoBooth effects. The article shows you how to create a sketch-like rendering of your photos by combining filters such as "Colored Pencil" and "Fade Color". The "Sharpen" slider enhances and defines the "pencil" strokes. Yes,...

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