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Daily iPad App: Photogene

Unlike many, I didn't buy the iPhone 4S for Siri. It's nice to have a voice assistant, but what I really wanted was the camera. I shoot a lot of photos throughout the day using my iPhone and have been looking for a good image editor to complement its camera. Now with PhotoStream, I am no longer...

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My top 3 iPhone apps: Sam Levin of AppMinute

As a guy who regularly checks apps for a living (on AppMinute), Sam Levin knows which apps work and which ones don't so when he recommends and app, you know he's using it. This week Sam tells us his ever-rotating list of top 3 apps (again, called his favorites, but they happen to be often-used)...

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Photogene for iPad: More features, more coolness

Who said you can't do content creation on the iPad? Every day, I am seeing more and more apps that allow you to create, modify, or extend content in ways that are approaching, but not yet quite equal to, what you can do on a desktop or full featured laptop. A case in point is Photogene, a U.S. $3...

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Photogene is a photo genius for your iPhone

In my recent review of AutoStitch I mentioned Photogene [App Store] which is kind of like a miniature Photoshop for the digital pictures you take on your iPhone. It has a boatload of functions, which will let you fix and enhance your digital images without having to offload them to another image edi...

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