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Daily Mac App: Hydra Pro 3

HDR photography is a technique that produces images with a very high dynamic range. To produce an HDR image, you take several shots at varying shutter speeds and combine them using a technique called tone mapping to produce the final photograph. Hydra Pro 3 will allow you to combine up to sev...

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HDR Darkroom Pro is a fast and inexpensive app for creating impressive landscape images

It's nice to see more awareness of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. The iPhone has a built-in HDR mode, and more and more software is supporting the combining of images shot at different shutter speeds, combined to create an image that captures more shadow detail without blowing out the high...

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The iPhone 4 and a Mac on a photography trek

Until a recent trip up to Canyon de Chelly in Northeast Arizona, I hadn't fully realized just how important Apple products have become to my photo workflow. As I sat back to think about the number of ways that Apple has made my job behind the camera easier, I began to realize just how dramaticall...

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