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Publishing for Apple's Pippin was a bit less curated than the App Store

Let me describe a game for you: Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead descends from Heaven and acid-trips his way through a parking lot, trying to avoid getting busted by the cops as he attempts to hug electric guitars. Sound like fun? Sure. Sound like something Apple would let onto the App Store i...

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Found footage: History of Apple in 2 minutes

Here's a great video assembled by applemctom that presents the history of Apple (more or less) in two minutes. There are some huge leaps in time and some obvious errors (Apple Mac II? MacIntosh?), but that's OK. It isn't easy to cram decades of history into 120 seconds. There's much nostalgia...

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Apple applies for gaming trademark

Our sibling site, Engadget, is reporting that Apple has apparently applied for trademark protection on a gaming device. The trademark in question would protect the word "APPLE" under the following circumstances: "toys, games and playthings, namely, hand-held units for playing electronic games; han...

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More "New Newton" rumors

What's more annoying than Chocolate Rain and the pointless Kid Nation uproar? The incessant "Apple is coming out with a new Newton" rumors. Here's one from 2003: "...There's good reason to believe that a jazzy new Newton II will be forthcoming, perhaps in January" (Yup, that's our good friend John ...

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Macintosh Portable, Pippen make PCWorld Worst tech list

PCWorld has compiled a list of the 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time. All the usual players are there; IBM, Microsoft, Real, and Apple. Apple?! Yes, that's right kiddies, Apple wasn't always firing on all cylinders like it is now. The Macintosh Portable clocks in at number 17, but only because it ...

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