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HipstaCase iPhone case perfect for Hipstamatic hipsters

The folks behind the Hipstamatic iPhone app are ready to let you take the old-school camera vibe all the way. They've introduced a Hipstamatic iPhone case called (what else?) the HipstaCase, and while it isn't quite as functional as that concept Leica iPhone case we posted the other day (it's p...

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Bluelounge's Nest iPad stand on display at CES 2011

One of the first things we did on the show floor here at CES today was stop by the Bluelounge booth. The company was showing off its latest product, called the Nest, an iPad stand due to sell for US$14.95 when it arrives in stores later on this year. There are plenty of iPad stands here at CES (and...

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Flickr Find: Juno's Hamburger iPhone

It's been a couple of years now, but remember the hit movie Juno, and the main character's hamburger-styled telephone? That phone made a splash with fans of kitschy art, and Flickr user Karen apparently decided to take the idea and run with it on her 3G iPhone. She's posted a nice gallery of pictur...

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iPhone 4 case turns your iPhone into an audio tape

I just went through the case program for my brand new iPhone 4, but I'm still poking around to see if there's one worth buying that I might also pick up in addition to the free one. Like, for example, this awesome audio cassette case from a company called Fred and Friends. It looks like an old plas...

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Please don't really turn your TV into an iPad

We've posted a lot of wacky Apple-related products here on the site, but I think this is the wackiest I've ever seen. A Russian firm is reportedly selling a series of plastic decals that will make any flatscreen television of a certain size into something that looks like an iPad. Oh, you say, th...

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Hands-on with Element Case and your chance to win a TUAW version

We get a small number of physical products to review around here, and the streets are thick with iPhone cases of every variety -- but Element Case stood out. These aren't generic leather or plastic cases, they are somewhat beefier plastic cases available with metal, carbon or wood accents and spor...

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Apple announces iPhone now delivers up to 8 hours of talk time, new glass display

Talk about last minute upgrades: In a press release today, Apple has revealed a number of significant upgrades to both the iPhone's battery life and touch screen. Instead of what I believe was around 5 hours of video/talk and 16 hours of audio playback, Apple has updated the iPhone's battery life ra...

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20% of TUAW readers' MacBooks are discolored

The results of our MacBook discoloration poll are in; 20% of TUAW reader's MacBooks exhibit discoloration. It's hard to judge how accurate these results are, but if the real numbers are anywhere near these levels then Apple has a serious problem on its hands. Fortunately, there are signs that Apple...

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iSkin releases Claro case for 5G iPods with belt clip/kick stand

Now here is one of the more interesting and functional 5G iPod cases I've seen in a while: a clear plastic case with a belt clip that doubles as a kick stand. This iSkin Claro easily shows up my clear agent18 case, but the $39 sticker price is a tad steep. If a plain clear case doesn't get your cre...

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Support doc: MacBook may run warm because rear vent is blocked

First Engadget reported it, and now there's an official Apple Support document explaining the issue: some MacBooks (and Pros) are apparently making it out of the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic blocking covering the rear vent. The article states the obvious: that this plastic is used to ...

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Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers with iLanyard for iPod nano

The Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers for the iPod nano come in two styles: Clear and Bling. Clear, as you might imagine, allows the true beauty of the nano to shine through while still protecting it in plastic. Bling (pictured) steps up the flashy style by encasing your nano in a diamond-like sparklin...

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