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Tag: PopCap

Original Plants vs. Zombies finally gets 4-inch screen support

The original Plants vs. Zombies -- one of the most popular iOS game of the last few years-- has finally received 4-inch screen support so it runs at native resolution on the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and newest iPod touch. As MacRumors points out, in May of this year, Apple began requiring all apps to supp...

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Daily Update for June 27, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires ...

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Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone and iPad now free as Apple's App of the Week

In case you're one of the handful of people who hasn't played PopCap's fantastic tower defense-style game Plants vs. Zombies since its release in 2012, we've got some good news for you. The game has gone free today on iPhone and iPad as the App Store's latest App of the Week. Both versions will...

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EA launches Origin for Mac alpha, includes free Bookworm

Electronic Arts announced today that it's bringing its Origin service to Mac, and that an alpha version of it is now available for download. According to EA, the alpha is being opened up to "a few thousand" users in North America and Europe. You can get the client from the Origin web store's de...

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Plants vs. Zombies updated with new mode

We haven't heard very much from PopCap on iOS lately. There was the Zuma's Revenge launch a little while ago, and before that was just the Bejeweled shakeup last year. So it's good to see the company is still working on the platform. The latest evidence of this is a surprise update for Plants v...

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PopCap revamps Bejeweled on iOS, sends Bejeweled Blitz freemium

Very similar to the way EA has revamped its Tetris app recently, PopCap Games (now owned by EA) has decided to revamp its Bejeweled offerings on the iPhone, taking the various versions of the world's brightest match-3 game gem and concentrating them down into a few offerings. There will be two B...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Bookworm

If you're into word games, today's Daily Mac App will be right up your street. Bookworm, from PopCap, is a word game that combines Boggle-style word making with Bejeweled-style tile removal. You're presented with a board of tiles filled from the top that's seven columns wide and seven to eigh...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Bejeweled 3

Fancy an addictive, fun, casual game for your Mac? Look no further than the classic Bejeweled, now back in its third iteration on the Mac. Played either in full screen or windowed, the standard game hasn't changed, you still match three or more gems in a row to clear them from the board. Ther...

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9-year-old hangs with PopCap, creates iOS game via Make A Wish Foundation

When you're 9 years old you dream of plenty of things. Thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation, Owain Weinert's dream came true when he got to visit PopCap Games and design his very own video game. Owain's been diagnosed with pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and has spent several weeks working wit...

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"Unpleasant Horse" shows Apple isn't afraid to reject big developers

Apple has taken a lot of flak about the seemingly arbitrary rejection of apps in the App Store. Often small developers who have had their apps rejected cry foul, stating that Apple would never reject apps from bigger publishers. Earlier this week, however, Apple showed that even big publishers ...

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Survey from PopCap shows increase in mobile gaming

A new survey from PopCap shows a third of all mobile phone users in the UK and USA have played a game in the past month, and a quarter have played in the past week. Before the introduction of smartphones like the iPhone, game-playing usage hovered around 5 percent. The increase has come due to th...

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Mac App Store bargains: Plants vs. Zombies and more

The Mac App Store has been a great place to find bargains, and today brings another one that I'm pretty excited about: Plants vs. Zombies is available for US$10, instead of the $20 that PopCap has charged on its website. I've seen several apps that have offered significant discounts in the Mac...

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PopCap games (Mac and PC) all on sale for 50% off

PopCap is having a blowout sale on its Mac (and PC) games this holiday weekend. The 50% off sale is going on now and extends until January 2, 2011. All games (except for the recently released Bejeweled 3) and game bundles are included in this sale. You can grab such titles as Peggle, Bookworm and P...

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Bejeweled 3 out now for Mac

Billed as the world's #1 puzzle game, PopCap's Bejeweled 3 for Mac is out and ready for download. This new version has 8 different game modes, including Classic Bejeweled, non-stop Lightning, and Zen mode, and it also allows players to collect up to 65 achievement badges and unlock 4 new games as th...

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iPhone apps on sale for Halloween

Happy Halloween weekend! This is my favorite holiday of the year, not only because it's a fun time for parties during my favorite season, but also because it seems to be an excellent time for developers to put a little something special into their apps -- like put them on sale. There are quite a fe...

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