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Portland Design Commission gives OK to Apple Store design

This news of a forthcoming Apple Store in Portland, Oregon comes from The Oregonian newspaper rather than Kelly's House of Crackpot Theories (TUAW blogger and podcaster Kelly Guimont is a resident of The City of Roses). The design, approved by the Portland Design Commission, is apparently for a...

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Grove announces Bamboo Backs for MacBooks

Grove , a company based in Portland, Oregon, has announced they are expanding their line of bamboo-based goodies for your Apple product. They already have a variety of iPhone and iPad cases, so it was really just a question of time before they found a way to coordinate your iThings with your la...

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Another 'smash and grab' hits Portland Apple reseller

One sign of the continuing popularity of Apple's product line is the fact that some people will go to extraordinary (and illegal) measures to procure the products. That image at right? It's from a security camera video showing a full-size gray pickup truck with a diamond-plate toolbox in the back ba...

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