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I want a printer that is 'Designed in California'

The last time Apple made printers -- well over a decade ago -- there was no iPad, no iPhone, and no Retina displays that could make a digital page look as real as a paper one. In many ways printing isn't as crucial to the average user experience as it once was, but more advanced printing tasks lik...

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Apple releases AirPort Utility 6.3 for Mac

Apple has released an update to its AirPort Utility app for the Mac, bringing it up to version 6.3. It adds the ability to extend a guest WiFi network across multiple AirPort base stations, support for WPS-capable printers and improved international support. It's a free download, as always. The 6.3...

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Slew of updates include Java, Safari, iPhoto and Aperture

Apple decided to push a lot of updates this afternoon, most of them related to a Java update that disables the Java SE 6 applet plug-in. By disabling the plug-in, Apple is allowing consumers to re-enable it on a case-by-case basis. Apple has provided a full guide to the new plug-in options. W...

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Printer patents portend driver-free future

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published two patents in the past week that suggest Apple is trying to eliminate the much-loathed printer driver. As first noted by ConceivablyTech, the two patents each describe a way for your Mac to get the necessary driver information from the printer its...

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Canon printer drivers hitting Software Update

As if Safari and iOS updates weren't enough for one day! Do you use a Canon printer (including all-in-one printer/scanners) with your Mac running Snow Leopard? If so, you have an exciting new update waiting for you. There's no indication of what the new Canon Printer Drivers 2.5 version actually ...

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Macworld 2010: Steve and Mike's excellent HP adventure

One of the highlights of TUAW's visit to Macworld Expo 2010 was a pre-show tour of the HP booth on Wednesday, February 10. HP has a long and storied history with Apple, with both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak working for the company at one time before founding Apple. The company has created many Mac...

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Apple releases updates improving printing, scanning, iSight cameras and QuickTime

Over the past few days, Apple has been releasing updates for printer and scanner drivers in Snow Leopard, iSight cameras in LED Cinema Displays and QuickTime 7 for Windows. First, Apple released printer driver updates for Snow Leopard for Lexmark printers and Brother, Canon and HP printers and sc...

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Apple lists Snow Leopard-compatible printers and scanners

I'll come right out and say that I don't like scanners. Granted, I haven't used any high-end models, but in my experience, scanning a simple image to my Mac was akin to piloting a space module. As a chimp. While Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes a great number of scanner (and printer) drivers, some ...

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Better printing with Gutenprint

Gutenprint (formerly called Gimp-Print) is an open-source package of improved printer drivers and utilities that can be installed on Mac OS X to enhance printing functionality and add additional support for older printers. It has driver support for over 1300 printer models, and adds a GIMP plugin fo...

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Apple posts Canon/Brother print driver updates

Yesterday Apple posted Brother Print Driver 1.1. Apple says that the update includes updates for "drivers for printers on your system." Apple also posted an updated for Canon printer users. Canon Print Driver 1.1 provides updates for "drivers for printers on your system." You can download these upd...

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Network Magic: Simplify Mac and PC networking

The Mac and PC networking challenge is legendary. If you have both on a home or work network, it can be an adventure to get these two machines to see each other, share files or printers. Fortunately, Pure Networks has an app for both Mac and PC called Network Magic which hopes to change all that, ...

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