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Camcorder brings video recording to iPhone 3G and 1st gen

Want to record video on your iPhone 3G or 1st generation unit? No need to jailbreak anymore. A $0.99US app called "Camcorder (for iPhone 3G and 2G)" [iTunes link] promises real time video recording on your older equipment, similarly to the free Ustream app. So how does it work? In our initial and...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: My "private" APIs... aren't

Sometimes Auntie TUAW gets emails from anxious iPhone developers. In this case, the correspondent is running into issues with Apple's new automated checks for private API use in iPhone apps. Dear Auntie TUAW, I got an email from Apple's App Review team saying the code in my iPhone app uses pri...

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Apple rejects Unity games on the App Store

Touch Arcade has the news that the long-awaited Ravensword and a number of other games built on the Unity game engine have been rejected by Apple from the App Store. The problem appears to be a number of API calls in the engine (though not specifically the game themselves, as I understand it) that a...

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