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Best iPhone Photos: Monument Valley with Pro HDR

It's a landscape burned into the American historical consciousness. Utah's surreal and beautiful Monument Valley has served as a backdrop for countless Hollywood westerns. Now, our roving reporter and avid photographer Mel Martin has captured the vista right before sunset using his iPhone 4 and...

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TrueHDR for iPhone updates and improves photo quality

HDR (high dynamic range) photos are getting a lot of buzz now, especially since Apple built HDR capabilities into the iPhone 4. While the official Apple implementation is pretty good, I still suggest photographers take a look at third party offerings which have more options, and in my opinion, some ...

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Pro HDR adds geotagging

I've liked Pro HDR since it was first released. The HDR technique blends two or more exposures to capture better dynamic range in difficult lighting conditions. Apple provided some competition by building in HDR with the release of the iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1, but I still like the control that Pro HDR ...

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The HDR race continues as TrueHDR gets updated

We've been keeping a close eye on the race for the best HDR (high dynamic range) photo app for the iPhone. In my latest survey, I advised that progress would be fast as paid apps move to compete with the free Apple HDR software, and that's what's happened. TrueHDR, a US$1.99 app, has been updated to...

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Pro HDR gets an update for iPhone and leaps ahead of the pack

It must be the week for HDR app updates. Yesterday we reviewed a solid update of TrueHDR, and now we have another terrific update from Pro HDR. Even if you're not into HDR photography, this is one to check out. High Dynamic Range photography creates an image from multiple exposures that are combi...

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TrueHDR for iPhone updated for Retina Display and iPhone 4 camera

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography isn't for everyone, but it can really help when taking pictures with extreme shadow or light. HDR images basically combine two or more pictures taken at different exposures. Using a process called tone mapping, you get a new image that displays more detail in the...

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