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Weave from Intuit is a free and powerful project tracker

Weave is a simple iPhone app (free) for managing those personal and business projects all in one place. It's kind of a super to-do list, and while there are plenty of those on offer both free and paid in the App Store, there is plenty to like about Weave. The app is from Intuit, the company that ...

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Daily iPad app: Projectbook

Projectbook is an interesting take on a notebook/diary/todo/task manager for the iPad. It is project oriented, so it's useful for something like building a toolshed, setting up a company meeting or lots of daily tasks. It allows you to have all your notes, photos, audio and documents in one place...

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In search of a GTD solution

An application called Today was released recently by the developers of PocketTweets. It's a $15 application that integrates with iCal to display tasks and events, offering a complete interface for entering new tasks and events without opening iCal. It came at a time when I was furiously trying to ma...

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