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How to check if an Apple promo code has been used or not (Updated)

Update: David Bernard figured out why this wasn't working as written. He writes, "Once you sign back in, you need to go to the account page and click the 'reset warnings' button. I wrote it up on my blog." He tried it and it works now. Thanks David! App developers often share promo codes with...

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Mac App Store promo codes are now available worldwide

Back in December, MacStories reported that Apple wasn't making promo codes (simple codes used to give away copies of an app) available in the Mac App Store. But it looks like Apple has reconsidered, as MacStories is reporting a change, allowing Mac App Store promo codes in any Mac App Store worldwid...

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iTunes adds international promo codes, push notification security upgraded

A couple of big changes occurred today in the iOS ecosystem. First, application promo codes may now be used internationally instead of being limited to US store customers only. Second, the push notification system has been upgraded to use more secure 2048-bit TLS/SSL certificates. International p...

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Update: Promo codes again allowed for 17+ apps

Recently, we reported that developers were not able to request promo codes for their iPhone apps if the app had received a 17+ rating due to having an embedded web browser, unfiltered 3rd party content, or contained excessive violence or sexual content. This restriction severely limited the ability ...

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App Store Lessons: No promo codes for apps rated 17+

Developers whose apps meet the criteria for a 17+ rating in the App Store are now running into yet another roadblock, but this time it's not about getting their apps approved, it's about distributing them. Or, more specifically, distributing promo codes for them. Typically, when a developer uploads ...

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iPhone devs get innovative with App Store promo codes

Last week we told you about the promo codes that Apple was allowing developers to pass out to anyone. These codes allowed people to get a free copy of an application, and we mentioned this was a welcomed feature for many app reviewers. One iPhone developer has some creative ideas when it comes to u...

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