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iRise visual prototyping platform updated with new iPad emulation capability

iRise is a visual prototyping platform that is used by enterprise organizations to quickly create UI simulations for apps. The company today announced that the newly-released iRise 8.10 can now create those visual simulations for iPad and Android apps. iRise is useful when organizations are p...

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Found footage: iPhone + Arduino + Heartrate Monitor = HumanAPI

HumanApi, Sports ECG in real life from uxebu on Vimeo. iPhone developer Nikolai Onken has been hard at work putting together what he calls the Human API. He wants to explore how real life can be the source of data that can be gathered and analyzed using web technologies. In the project demonstra...

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Found footage: Jailbreak BTstack support extended to 1st gen iPod touch

The BTstack project that we've covered before on TUAW, offers a way for iPhone and iPod touch units to communicate with arbitrary external Bluetooth devices. To date, it's been used to connect keyboards, mice, and wiimotes with iPhone software. This system has now been extended to the first ...

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