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Daily iPhone App: Pudding Monsters brings Cut The Rope charm to a new franchise

ZeptoLab is a Russian developer best known for their extremely popular iPhone game Cut The Rope, and its many spinoffs and other platform versions that have made their way out into the world. The company's latest game is Pudding Monsters, and while it's not a direct sequel to Cut the Rope, the ...

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Zeptolab's new Pudding Monsters, Infocom games and more now available on iOS

Today's the last Thursday before the big App Store freeze, which means this is basically developers' last chance to get on the marketplace before the big holiday rush. As a result, then, there are a ton of big new releases, all available now for your purchasing pleasure. ZeptoLab is the co...

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Pudding Monsters is newest game from Cut the Rope creators ZeptoLab

ZeptoLab is a Russian developer most famous for creating the enormously popular Cut the Rope series on iOS, and today the company has announced a brand-new game, called Pudding Monsters. There's a quick teaser trailer down below, and while it doesn't yet show any real gameplay, you can probably...

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