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Pulse News comes to your favorite web browser

There have been many times when I have wishes that my favorite news aggregators like Pulse news and Zite for iOS were available on my desktop or Mac laptop. Pulse News has answered my requests with a web version of the app that runs in any browser. You can log into your Pulse News account and g...

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Pulse News for iOS adds local content for many cities

Pulse News for iOS has added a local category to its news aggregation app. The change puts hundreds of local news sources into the Pulse app, which can make the app a 1 stop destination for a lot of users. As far as I know this is the first news app that has offered tailored local content. Partners...

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Pulse News updated with source syncing

Apple Design Award-winning Pulse News has been updated with Pulse Sync, a new feature that allows for instant syncing of sources across devices for anyone with a free pulse.me account. In my case, I have Pulse News on both my iPhone and iPad; adding a new source to my news feed on the iPhone will...

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Pulse News app now saves and syncs

Pulse News app for the iPhone and iPad received a nice update today allowing selected stories to be saved and automatically synced to other Pulse News apps you have or retrieved via the web. Sign-up for the service is free and can be done from within the Pulse News app. All that's required is a...

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Pulse News pushes out a significant update for iPhone news junkies

Pulse has been a major player in the news aggregation world, garnering good reviews from TUAW and users. Pulse has released version 2.0 for the iPhone and a good program has become even better. Here's a quick summary of the improvements: Triple the news sources A personalization option...

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