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Local notification spam: Devs, please don't do that

Want to know a quick road to a bad app review from your users? Local notification spam. Frankly, we're sick of it. You spam us, we'll toss your app off our phones like *snap* that. Just because local notifications don't require opt-in doesn't mean that developers should abuse them for marketing....

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German appeals court lets Motorola to continue push notification patent against Apple

Germany has been the site of quite a few patent battles between Motorola and Apple in the past, and there's another crater on the landscape over there: One of the High Regional Courts in that country has made a decision on Motorola's ongoing challenge against Apple over push notifications, sayi...

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Urban Airship delivers 5 billionth push notification

Urban Airship is a company that works with developers to power and send out push notifications through the various applications on your iPhone, and it recently announced that the five billionth push notification left the company's servers. The company has been sending push notifications sinc...

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Apple to redesign iOS notification system

Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple is planning a revamp to its iOS notification system. iOS's current notification system, which is used for everything from text messages to push notifications, has remained virtually unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007. The current notif...

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Twitter for iOS gets push notifications, bug fixes, UI enhancements

There's an update to the official Twitter app for iOS. The new version 3.2 adds push notifications, so you can be pinged whenever someone mentions your Twitter handle, and also adds full support for iOS 4.2. On the iPad, there are UI improvements that include panel animation and a dismiss feature. Y...

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Google Voice for iPhone is finally out on the App Store

Turns out, when Apple announced it was a day you'd never forget, maybe it wasn't talking about The Beatles. Last we heard, Google Voice was expected on the App Store "soon" ... and now here it is. Apple has relented in the battle to allow Google Voice functionality on the iPhone, leaving Google open...

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Google app gets updated with push notification for Gmail

After many months of users having to resort to third-party or jailbroken apps to get push notifications from Gmail, Google has finally released an updated version of its iPhone app that now handily does that all for you. The update -- which is now freely available in the App Store -- allows you t...

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Mail Notifier subscription service for the iPhone

When Apple introduced ActiveSync and Push email support for iPhone email, there were two reactions: 1) "Yay!" and 2) "What's this going to mean for battery life?" Any sort of "push" technology will reduce the battery life, but it is a trade-off many people are willing to make, especially when it com...

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Found Footage: Urban Airship's AirMail takes push notifications to the next level

Here's an exclusive TUAW video preview of Urban Airship's latest product, AirMail. Like their other products, AirMail is powered by a precompiled drop-in library that developers add to their iPhone applications. AirMail adds a whole new spin on push notifications by transforming them from light...

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Push for Gmail: it's here, it works, and it's limited

If you use Gmail, you have something to be excited about today, because you can finally have new email messages pushed directly to your iPhone when they arrive. For many users, however, their first response is "it's about time!" and others have even gone as far as saying "it's finally here, no th...

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