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Apple's earnings "miss" more an issue with overzealous analysts

Apple reported its quarterly earnings earlier this week, and the results were lower than many Wall Street watchers expected (even though Apple beat its own revenue guidance by more than 12%). This miss was widely reported and Apple's stock took a hit -- AAPL dropped from above 420 before the an...

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Apple posts record Mac quarter despite some iPad cannibalization

Along with the iPad, Mac sales were one of the highlights of Apple's quarterly earnings report. In the quarter that just ended, Apple sold 4.89 million Macs, a 26 percent increase over the year-ago quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook was pleased about the Mac performance, but in response to an analys...

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iPhone sales dip last quarter largely due to rumors

iPhone revenues and unit sales for Apple's last quarter dropped significantly compared to the previous quarter. Revenues from iPhone sales declined by 18 percent, while unit sales dropped 16 percent -- a sell-through decline of 2.4 million units over the previous quarter. During the recent quar...

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Liveblog: Apple Q4 2011 earnings call

Thanks for joining us here for running commentary and analysis of Apple's Q4 2011 earnings announcement. We welcome your comments and questions, but please note that questions are moderated and will not necessarily appear in the liveblog content; also please note that TUAW cannot ask the App...

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Apple reports Q4 2011 earnings

After the market close today, Apple reported financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter, surpassing its revenue guidance handily but falling well below the expectations of the usually spot-on amateur analyst crowd. The company reported revenues of $28.27 billion, up almost $7 billion from the...

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Reminder: Apple fourth quarter FY11 earnings announcement today

After the market close today (4pm Eastern), Apple will announce quarterly earnings for its 2011 fiscal fourth quarter. Apple's fiscal year ended on September 25 (roughly aligned with the US federal government's fiscal year), which means that the all-important upcoming holiday quarter is actually ...

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