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More streaming video fun: a first look at Qik Live for iPhone

The folks who first showed us video streaming live from an iPhone, Qik, now have an official (non-jailbreak) app available in the App Store. Like Ustream Live Broadcaster, Qik Live [iTunes Link] is a free iPhone app that streams live video to a web page where friends, relatives, and the world at ...

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That was Qik! After Ustream's debut in App Store, Qik submits streaming app

We were all a bit surprised when Ustream's free Live Broadcasting iPhone app [iTunes Link] was approved by Apple and tossed into the App Store yesterday. After all, it wasn't that long ago that it seemed that no streaming video apps would ever be approved for the iPhone platform due to AT&T's re...

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Found Footage: iPhone and Qik go live for New Mexico reporter

Albuquerque TV Reporter Jeremy Jojola recently used a jailbroken iPhone and Qik [iTunes link] to broadcast a story live for KOB-TV. It's a far cry from the big trucks with microwave antennas and satellite dishes that are usually seen where news stories are broadcast. The audio and video quality isn...

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Qik for iPhone updated, now uploads video over 3G

Hmmmm. Seems that FCC pressure might be doing wonders for those App Store approvals. Qik, which we reviewed earlier this month, had been pretty well kneecapped by either AT&T or Apple; choose your villain. But lo and behold, today Qik [iTunes link] was updated so now it can upload video over th...

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Streaming video from your iPhone? They crippled the app for that.

Qik [iTunes link] is an eagerly awaited free app for the iPhone. Most other video capable phones have a version of it. Qik allows, among other things, live streaming from your phone to the web. How could someone not want that capability? Early on, Qik offered a version for jailbroken phones that wor...

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TUAW reader livestreaming Tokyo Marathon from head-mounted iPhone

If you were looking for a challenge, you might consider running a marathon with an iPhone 3G strapped to your head. That's exactly what TUAW reader Joseph Tame of iPhoning Japan will be doing next Sunday, March 22nd (Saturday night for those of us in the US). Joseph was one of the 5,000 lucky people...

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Qik launches on

A while back, Qik announced that they would be creating a video broadcast client for the iPhone. When they first announced it, Qik was only available in a limited beta to jailbroken phones. However, Qik has announced that all jailbroken 1.1.4 iPhones will be able to get the client through Installer....

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Qik to offer streaming for iPhone users

Qik is making sure that Flixwagon doesn't beat them at their own game. Video streaming from mobile devices has quickly become very popular, and Mashable has a video that Qik sent them in which they demo their soon-to-be-in-alpha release of Qik for the iPhone. Currently, Qik streams from devices lik...

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