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DevJuice: Record UIViews with Glimpse

Glimpse offers an open source library from iOS Developer Wess Cope. It enables you to create QuickTime videos from your UIViews. The library records animations and actions, collecting screen shots over time, building a movie from the results. The API consists of two calls: one to start recording, ...

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Quicktime 7.3.1 fixes RTSP vulnerability

Apple has just released QuickTime 7.3.1 which addresses that nasty RTSP vulnerability recently discovered (and discovered with zero day exploit code no less!). This update also fixes 2 other security problems with QuickTime. It looks like Flash is being handled in a safer way, and a heap buffer ove...

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VisualHub 1.23 adds Apple TV export

TUAW isn't my only online endeavor. I also produce a video podcast with some of my friends, and I really couldn't imagine doing it without the help of the fantastic VisualHub from Techspansion. Sure, you can convert video using other methods for free, but VisualHub makes it so easy to do, and the U...

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2006 WWDC Keynote now available on Apple.com

Go forth and stream the WWDC Stevenote, my good friends. It is now available in glorious QuickTime. Thrill as the Mac Pro is announced. Marvel as Mail is demoed. Swoon as Steven says 'Boom.' Thanks, Kurt....

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