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Quickpick and Launch Center: A first look at two similar iOS launcher apps (Updated)

Over the past few days, I've been testing a new app from App Cubby. The app, called Launch Center, uses the iOS 5 Notification Center as a launch tool for a limited number of actions. In other words, you bring up Notification Center and tap an item to go to a website, launch an app, or perform ...

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QuickPick update in limbo for Lion similarities

On Wednesday, QuickPick 2.0.3 was apparently ejected from the Mac App Store, according to a tweet from developer Seth Willits. A day later, Seth tweeted that the app is still in the store -- as of this writing that's the case -- but update 2.0.3 had been rejected, increasing his confusion. Addi...

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A collection of all available QuickPicks for Backup 3

Wishingline, a web design studio, has done .Mac members a favor and collected most of the QuickPicks that are available on the web for Apple's Backup 3. There are quite a few QuickPicks out there for everything from ecto to PDF documents, Photo Booth pictures to Shiira bookmarks, OmniOutliner docume...

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Yojimbo QuickPick for Backup 3

For .Mac members (like me) who have been enjoying the breath of fresh organizational air that is Yojimbo, you might be interested to know that Antony, an enterprising member of the Yojimbo mailing list who runs MacCentre701, has created a Yojimbo QuickPick for Backup 3. I tried it as soon as I saw t...

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Backup 3.1 is available

.Mac users: Launch Software Update. Apple has released Backup 3.1, with several changes. According to Apple: "Backup 3.1 delivers added support for some backup destinations and addresses file restoration and other issues. Backup 3.1 is recommended for all users of Backup 3.0. Significant areas ...

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