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Flickr Find: Apple's first camera now 20-years-old

This lovely photograph from James Rose captures the size and scale of Apple's only digital camera line. Built by Kodak, the QuickTake 100 was introduced twenty-years ago by Apple and was one of the first consumer digital cameras ever released. It cost $749 when it first went on sale in 1994. The ...

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Kodak/Apple patent dispute ends badly for Kodak

Struggling US photography pioneer Kodak was dealt a major blow when the International Trade Commission ruled that its color image preview patent, No. 6,292,218, was invalid, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kodak hoped to extract money from companies that were not licensing the patent and ...

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Kodak loses ruling in patent fight with Apple

Struggling camera and film pioneer Kodak is going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While it deals with angry creditors, the company is also juggling a legal battle with Apple over the rights to several patents in its patent portfolio. According to Bloomberg, Kodak recently was handed a setback in...

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