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Rain Design iSlider: a pocketable iPad stand

There's a problem with most really usable iPad stands: they're too big to be portable. Sure, you could always use an iPad case that doubles as a stand, but it many situations that ends up being somewhat of a compromise. The team at Rain Design put their formidable minds to work on the problem...

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Rain Design launches iSlider at Macworld/iWorld 2013

We haven't seen much out of Rain Design in the past few years. The iRest won Macworld Best of Show in 2011, but there was nothing new new at Macworld in 2012. Later in the year, the company rolled out the mTower, a stand that looks like it was designed to compete against TwelveSouth's BookArc l...

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Rain Design's iMac turntable sends the iMac for a spin

iMacs are great, except when you have one sitting with its back to a wall and you need to plug something into the back of it. Particularly with the larger models, you end up having to pick up the iMac and swing it around to get to those ports on the back. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you could jus...

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