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Apple's reality distortion field has assumed Wall Street

Despite robust profits, strong revenue growth and excellent brand awareness, reports predicting the downfall of Apple continue to make headlines. This paradox has many people shaking their heads, but analyst Ben Bajarin has a theory as to why Apple is slipping on Wall Street, even though it remai...

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Conan O'Brien pokes fun at iPad 2

Conan O'Brien takes on the iPad 2 with an amusing parody that pokes fun at the slick video presentations that peppered Apple's iPad 2 announcement and its reality distortion field. The video is located after the break for your viewing pleasure. Just a note for iOS users, the clip is hosted on C...

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Wired: Steve's six sneakiest statements

Steve Jobs' ability to enchant and persuade is often referred to as the "Reality Distortion Field." It's this power that convinces people who own 2 or 3 iPods that they need just one more. He's also made some convincing statements that his company later contradicted in grand fashion. Last week, B...

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