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Music artists, labels create enhanced albums for iPad

Launched with iTunes 9, iTunes LP would let record labels include extra content, such as liner notes, expanded artwork and lyrics, in albums sold on iTunes. The feature never took off, but the concept of adding value to an album using interactive digital content has not died. Record labels such...

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Count The Beats: Interview with a mixing engineer

In the last year I've spent a fair amount of time doing some recordings. In particular, I've been working on some of my own material. Having invested a large amount of time and money into pre production and the actual recording sessions, what started out as a small bedroom demo soon escalated into s...

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iRecord Company rumors resurface again

Rumors have been bouncing around all weekend about Steve Jobs' next big project-- no, it's not the iPhone Nano, or the long awaited iTablet. According to Moli.com (yeah, we've never heard of them either), it's a record company. Supposedly Jay-Z and Beyonce are going to Apple to start a recording div...

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