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You can now use iTunes to support Hurricane Sandy relief

Apple and the American Red Cross are making it easy for you to donate towards relief efforts in the wake of the this week's devastating Hurricane Sandy. Simply by clicking on the American Red Cross tile that now appears on the main iTunes Store screen in iTunes, you can pledge from US$5 to $200...

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App alerts Singapore Red Cross trainees of local need

The Singapore Red Cross Society recently updated its Rapid Rescue iPhone app that'll help visitors and residents in distress. The app lists all 12,000 first-aiders in Singapore and lets you put out a call for help. When an SOS is requested, an alert goes out to all first-aiders within a 2 KM ra...

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Apple now accepts donations to Red Cross Japan relief fund via iTunes

Following the disaster caused by the magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Apple has posted a donation page on iTunes where you can use your iTunes account to make a secure donation to the American Red Cross and its Japanese relief fund. 100% of donations made through iTunes go to th...

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Donate to the Red Cross Haiti relief effort via iTunes

The people of Haiti are enduring the devastating catastrophe brought about by this week's earthquake. Relief is finally beginning to arrive but there is an overwhelming amount of work to do. You can support the American Red Cross by making a donation through the iTunes Store. it's quite easy: Jus...

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Contribute to hurricane Katrina relief via the iTunes Music Store

This post is just a quick break from our usual Apple-centric coverage. The catastrophe in America's Gulf Coast is really all I can think about lately. The video I see on the news every night is almost surreal in its unimaginable horror. I don't even pretend to be able to understand what those people...

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