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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help! I bought my dad an iPad!

Dear Aunt TUAW, I wish I had never given my Dad that iPad. When he and my Mom were going on a driving trip, I asked if he wanted 3G service. He says "Sure", so I set it up. Now he's complaining about shelling out $30 a month to AT&T, so I'm telling him to cancel the service. Except he doe...

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Mountain Lion's AirPlay Mirroring + Reflector = infinite regress fun

In case you were wondering what would happen if you took Mountain Lion's new AirPlay Mirroring capability and mixed it with the third-party AirPlay utility Reflector... well, it's pretty much exactly what you would expect. Your screen turns into a live example of the barbershop effect, and the ...

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Reflector app brings AirPlay mirroring to Windows

Launching today, Reflection app (now called Reflector) for Windows delivers the same live AirPlay mirroring that OS X users have had access to for several months. Developer David Stanfill tells TUAW, "We received a ton of great feedback from Mac users who were using Reflection in their offices a...

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Reflector app goes live, brings iOS screen mirroring to your Mac

Ever wanted to use AirPlay mirroring to show the screen of your iPad 2 or iPhone 4/4S on your Mac? Just released, Reflection (now renamed Reflector, $14.99 for a single license, $39.99 for a 5 pack) offers a well-featured mirroring receiver for OS X, ideal for education and demos -- and a great...

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