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Regent Street Apple Store sees record crowd

Protect Your Bubble, a UK insurance firm, today conducted a survey of the line of people waiting to buy an iPhone 4S outside London's Regent Street Apple Store. The survey, which was conducted for no other reason than so Protect Your Bubble could get a little free brand recognition on the back ...

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Meet Spore's creator at Regent St. Apple Store

Gamers, are you excited for next weekend's release of Spore? We sure are (even though the iPod game got pulled from the iTunes Store, darnit). I've created my first species in Creature Creator and he (it?) is ready to go. If you're also anticipating the game, and happen to be at London's Regent Stre...

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Top 100 retail landmarks: Apple makes the list

RetailWeek recently compiled a list of the top 100 retail locations around the world. What did they find? Well, Apple holds two positions in their list: one for the 5th Avenue store (New York) and one for the Regent Street store (London). According to the list, the 5th Avenue store has all three ke...

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Steve shows up in London Apple Store

Steve must have felt like taking a ride on the Gulf Stream last weekend, as he was spotted at London's Regent Street Apple Store on Sunday (according to ifoAppleStore). Of course, Steve's appearance immediately got people talking about the iPhone's debut in the UK. Consider that the Regent Street Co...

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Keane to play London Apple Store on Tuesday

This Tuesday, London's newly refurbished Regent Street Apple Store will host Keane playing a stripped-down acoustic set for Apple Store customers. This is the first concert in a series of "Live From London" events hosted in the Apple Store. The show, which begins at 9PM, will be broadcast around th...

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London Apple Store opens big

Adding more than 9500 square feet to its original layout, London's Regent Square Apple Store reopened today as the largest Apple Store on Earth. By extending back into what had been storage areas, the store was able to expand itself and win the new world title. The New York City 5th Avenue Apple Sto...

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Regent Street Apple Store renovation almost done

The glass elevator in Apple's Fifth Ave store in New York is such a hit that Apple decided to add one to the Regent Street store in London as part of their grand renovation. Although the elevator required more work than originally thought and has delayed the big reveal, which was originally planned...

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Cool Regent Street Apple Store animation

As someone who has only visited the CambridgeSide Apple Store in Cambridge, Mass. (one of the earlier stores, and a modest one), I haven't seen the spectacular flagship stores in New York City and London. That's why I found this animation so entertaining. It's a nice representation of the Regent Str...

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Grudge match: Rapidweaver vs. iWeb

The term "grudge match" may be a little harsh, but the folks from Realmac Software will be at the Regent Street Apple Store in London on February 8th to give a side-by-side comparison of their application and Apple's. The Realmac folks will also offer a preview of the upcoming version 3.5...

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