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App Store Rejections: Apple rejects iKaraoke app, patent filed published for a karaoke player

As if the waters surrounding the App Store approval process weren't murky enough, one developer has just hit an unprecedented wall. Apple rejected his app, iKaraoke, citing that it duplicated functionality of the iPod application. Of course, the "duplicate functionality" reason is nothing new, but A...

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iPhone App rejected for "Limited Utility"

When a developer submits a "Pull My Finger" application, you've kind of got to expect it's going to be rejected. iFartz was rejected. Ibrate was rejected -- and that one was even raising money for breast cancer research. Today, over at Mac Rumors, I read about "Pull My Finger"'s rejection for limit...

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iPhone Developer Program Rejections: Take 2

"I'm busy washing my hair Saturday night. Why don't we get together some other time?" "I'm concentrating on my career -- but let's be friends." "Thank you for your letter. We have no openings at this time but we'll keep your resume on file in case a position opens up." Sometimes it doesn't have to ...

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