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Tag: RemoteWipe

iMessages reportedly still sent to stolen iPhones (Updated)

Update: Daring Fireball pointed to this recommendation from Jesse Hollington: set a SIM PIN code, which will prevent your phone from registering with the cellular network after a reset or a SIM swap until/unless the PIN is entered. Be extremely careful, however, as the iPhone settings UI can be c...

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Enter Gmail contact syncing and DropBox; exit MobileMe?

Well, that's that. I have whittled MobileMe down to two useful functions: Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe. And yes, I use one of those functions quite often, say, when my husband is off on some 80 mile jaunt on his bicycle. I have, thankfully, yet to require the services of the other one. But the ...

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Find My iPhone: If only I could find myself so easily ...

Mel gave you the instructions for how to set it up... but dear reader, we're going to go in-depth into the features of using MobileMe's Find My iPhone to see how well it works in locating and securing your phone from a remote location -- including performing a voluntary wipe. Locating where your ...

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