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RIM claims responsibility for "Wake Up" stunt at Apple Store

RIM, maker of the BlackBerry, has claimed responsibility for the ultra lame "Wake Up" flash mob stunt that appeared outside the Sydney Apple store last week. The stunt saw flash mobs pull out black signs that read "Wake Up." When confronted with the signs, shoppers at the Apple Store seemed to ...

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App Store hypothetical market cap beats RIM's value

Research in Motion, maker of the once-ubiquitous BlackBerry, hasn't been doing so well this year. As each month goes buy, its smartphone continues to lose market share to the likes of Apple's iPhone and Android-powered phones. Just last week, RIM's stock sank after dismal quarterly earnings and...

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'Bring your own device' programs give Apple a boost in the enterprise

Programs that offer corporate some latitude and personal discretion in their technology choices are growing, said the NYT on Friday, and while the relaxing of IT standards mandates means there are plenty of market losers (HP, Dell, Lenovo, RIM and other enterprise-centric vendors), there's one big...

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Regulators worried about Apple's interest in Nortel patents

On June 20th, Canadian telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nortel will be auctioning off over 6,000 patents in order to restructure its debt and pay off financial obligations. Last December we reported that among the companies interested in the patents are Google, Research in Motion, and ...

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Kodak wants $1B in royalties revenue from Apple, RIM

At about 5:00 PM in Washington, D.C., today, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) will decide if it should review a judge's findings from January that concluded neither Apple's iPhone or RIM's Blackberry infringed patents held by Eastman Kodak Company. Antonio Perez, CEO of Kodak, told Bl...

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RIM called the iPhone 'badly flawed' before launch

If you were one of the iPhone's early adopters way back in 2007, you were the proud owner of a "badly flawed" device. Well, you were according to BlackBerry manufacturer RIM, anyway (see image for RIM's advice on how to best use your iPhone). A Reuters report on RIM's future (PDF) quotes an anon...

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Apple hiring BlackBerry enterprise sales staff

The era of the BlackBerry's dominance in the corporate communicator market may be drawing to a close, and Apple is recruiting staff to speed that process along. Over the past year and a half, Apple has hired at least five senior enterprise sales reps from Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian ma...

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CEOs discuss Apple at Web 2.0 Summit

While the Web 2.0 Summit was under way from Nov. 15 through Nov. 17, there were a few inevitable pot shots at Apple from attending chief executive officers. This isn't really a surprise with the ongoing growth of Apple and Apple's overall value, but it's definitely interesting to see what those CEO...

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iPhone and Android shares rise while BlackBerry, Symbian fall

It's definitely a good time to be an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Gartner is reporting that while the iPhone's total smartphone market share fell slightly from 17.1 percent to 16.7 percent (while still selling more total units than RIM) and Android's jumped from 3.5 percent to 25.5 percent in t...

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More growth seen for iPhone in business

Support continues to grow for the iPhone in the enterprise. TBI Research (subscription required) says Apple's answer to telephony is gaining ground in business, thanks largely to employees and execs grabbing an iPhone for personal use and deciding they just have to have it for work as well. TBI s...

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