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AT&T offering roll over data starting January 25 with a catch

Sometimes it's easy to think back to the glory days of unlimited data on mobile plans and mourn the loss. Light a solitary candle to place in a window in memory of watching X-Files on your phone in the park for hours without overages. Those days are largely a thing of the past on the major carrie...

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Where's my rollover data, AT&T?

You've seen the commercials and heard that they're "your minutes" so why is "your data" any different? The almost-too-painfully-obvious-to-even-say-aloud answer is that AT&T will make more money by not offering rollover data, so they aren't. I don't expect this will change anytime soon. AT&a...

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Save a little on your existing AT&T iPhone plan

Update: It appears that this post describes a sponsorship discount (business/school/etc). Those users get a percentage off of their monthly plan ($29.99 voice plan and iPhone data charge excluded). Those who do not see this as an option lack the corporate discount; those who do are seeing what the...

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