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RSS Reader Round-Up: Digg Reader is a nimble reader for mobile users

Earlier this year, we listed several services and apps that'll potentially replace Google Reader. Now that the Reader shut down is imminent, we are taking a second look at some of these services (and a few new ones) to see which companies have scaled up enough to become a true Google Reader replac...

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Alternatives to Google Reader for OS X and iOS users

Google caused a stir yesterday when it announced that it will shut down Google reader this summer. Though you have a few months to migrate to a new RSS reader, now is the time to start looking at alternatives. We've compiled a list of web services, OS X clients and iOS apps for you to consider whil...

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Mac 101: Getting your RSS feeds in your inbox in Mail.app

RSS reader support has been a built-in feature of Mail.app since version 3.0 (when Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard was released). Although I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds, I've yet to find the need for a dedicated RSS reader app -- such as Newsgator's NetNewsWire. I like having my email and news feeds...

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RSS feeds for the App Store

John Gruber's heartfelt plea for iPhone App Store RSS feeds has now been answered. Hands up if you, like John and me and probably a TUAWload of others, were frustrated at the lack of an obvious, easy-to-subscribe-to RSS feed of the latest additions to the App Store. The only solution was to view th...

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