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What iOS 5 owes to jailbreak developers

There are a lot of apps that will be replaced -- or at least have some very heavy competition -- from the new features in iOS 5. It's easy to look around the App Store and see developers that have been 'Sherlocked' by Apple's inclusion of their functionality in the core OS; Twitter clients in par...

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Untrackerd wipes stored location data on your jailbroken iPhone

The iPhone and iPad seem to be storing location data about your travels using cell tower information. Whether you believe that Apple is secretly spying on you or just storing the locations of cell towers for some purpose, such as speedier connections to said towers, if you don't like it, you no...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: dock my iPhone to my iPad

Dear Aunt TUAW, I wish I could dock my iPhone right into the side or back of a large iPad screen. And then have the iPad run off my phone. That way I could have a large screen when I need it. But when I leave the house for a walk, I could take the smaller device (the iPhone) out and carry it in m...

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hacksugar: Mirror your jailbroken iPad display with DisplayOut

Ryan Petrich's latest utility for jailbroken iPads just hit the Cydia store. DisplayOut for iPad sells for US$1.99. It allows you to mirror the iPad's screen out to an external display via an attached VGA or component/composite cable. Similar to earlier iPhone solutions like TV Out and ScreenSpli...

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