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Arq cloud backup adds low-cost Amazon Glacier support

If you back up your Mac to Amazon S3, you may be familiar with Arq online backup for Mac. Arq (US$29) enables you to store your data to your personal Amazon Web Services account. All charges incurred stay between you and S3; Haystack Software never sees your data or your billing. The backups us...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me upload my stuff to Amazon Cloud

Dear Auntie TUAW, Amazon gave me a free 10 GB in their cloud to upload my music. It won't all fit since I have about 15 GB of music, so I was wondering if there was a way to upload just certain playlists without have to go to each folder and upload all the songs separately. Perhaps an automator ac...

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Apple countersues S3 Graphics in patent dispute

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has countersued S3 Graphics after the company, a maker of graphics-visualization technologies for the notebook and desktop markets, originally sued Apple last June for patent infringement related to a number of Apple's devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch an...

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Snow Leopard Services in practice: Amazon S3 uploader

I stumbled upon a great example of the Snow Leopard Services that I've been drooling over. The S3 Upload Service by August Lilleaas is available as a workflow which can be opened in Automator, so you can examine its inner workings. It uses AppleScript and Ruby, easily passed back and forth thanks to...

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ExpanDrive 2.0 expands to Amazon S3

I had to do some extensive testing before I got too excited, but after a conversation with the developers I'm pleased to announce that ExpanDrive 2.0 is out. We've mentioned it before, but to recap: ExpanDrive allows you to mount remote servers as drives directly accessible in Finder. With a comple...

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Jungle Disk 2.0 learns to share

Jungle Disk, one of the slickest ways to access your Amazon S3 account, has officially updated to version 2.0. I have two words to say: compatibility and bucket. Compatibility buckets are by far my biggest cause for celebration. You see, I have a disorder that doesn't allow me to do things with just...

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Forklift 1.5: fast, pretty and stable.

Forklift, the split-pane file manager with support for multiple network protocols, is officially at version 1.5 now. We covered the initial release a while back, and we're excited about the progress it's made. With an interface update (Leopard goodness) and some behind-the-scenes tweaks, it's turni...

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JetS3t offers another option for Amazon S3 access

At 15¢ per gig, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Solution) is rapidly becoming an online storage standard, with companies like 37Signals and SmugMug storing information adding up to terabytes. On a slightly smaller scale, I transfer a few gigs on S3 every month, both to and from my Mac and server-to-s...

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Bandwagon iTunes backup revamps pricing plans

As Mat noted a couple weeks ago, the ambitious team at Xackup announced, then thought better of it and retracted, Bandwagon: an unlimited-storage service for iTunes backups to run over your Internet connection. Greedy fiends that we iTunes users are, with visions of multigigabyte libraries dancing i...

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S3 Browser

Backing up your data is important, we all know that. However, backing up is often complicated and if your data isn't backed up and then stored off-site (i.e. not where your computer is) then your back up isn't truly safe. Enter Amazon's S3 service. Amazon has a bevy of computers waiting to hold your...

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