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DevJuice: Forage offers SQLite query GUI for devs

The OS X Forage (US$9.99) app provides a simple query and editing interface for SQLite databases. This app targets developers who use pre-built databases for iOS, OS X and Web deployment. It enables them to test and refine queries as well as to edit table data, and do so outside of the command lin...

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Apple servers hacked by Anonymous

According to Anonymous' twitter account, the hacking group used a SQL injection exploit to pull down the usernames and passwords of several accounts from an Apple-run server (abs.apple.com). The passwords appear encrypted so there is little threat that others can abuse this account information....

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HTML5 Client Side Database Storage + iPhone = ???

Will the next iPhone firmware release support client-side database storage? That's what TUAW reader Jorge believes. Way back in October, we saw the HTML5 standard promising client-side persistence for Webkit-based browsers. Jorge apparently ran a client-side SQL check on the new Simulator-based Safa...

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FileMaker 9 released

You'd be forgiven for thinking, especially reading our coverage and stories elsewhere, that the only new product to come out of Apple, Inc. in the past two weeks was some sort of bizarre chimera mutant love child of an iPod and a cellphone. Not true! Hardworking and underappreciated subsidiary FileM...

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