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Safari exploit gives your contact info to malicious websites

In a report on security in the first half of 2010 Apple has claimed the top spot in the number of security vulnerabilities in their OS and software. According to a report from the security company Secunia, Apple is followed by Oracle and then Microsoft in the number of security flaws reported. It's...

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Software Updates: And the hits keep coming, Bluetooth Firmware Update

I guess the iPhone 3.0 update and Safari 4.0.1 weren't enough for Apple. Along with the just released update to Safari, Apple has just tossed in one more Software Update: Bluetooth Firmware Update "This update provides bug fixes and better compatibility with the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse and Appl...

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1Password 3 beta nears, TUAW readers get a chance to participate

Update: The Agile Web Solutions guys have been nice enough to extend beta invites to another 100 TUAW readers. Those that don't make it into the first round, don't worry, the guys said they will be putting you on a waiting list and accessing that over the next couple of months, so with any luck, ...

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Safari 4 hidden preferences

There's quite a debate going on in the Mac web over Safari 4's new user interface. Personally, I think the new tab implementation is hideous, so I was glad to see that Caius Durling has discovered a bevy of hidden preferences for Safari 4. With a few quick Terminal commands you can restore sanity to...

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Apple seeds developers with Safari 4.0

Apple has seeded developers with a copy of the new Safari 4, which adds some new features and is based on a newer version of WebKit. Apple is also rumored to be using the SquirrelFish JavaScript engine which allows for faster Javascript processing. New to this version of Safari is the ability to sav...

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