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My top 3 iPhone apps: Sam Levin of AppMinute

As a guy who regularly checks apps for a living (on AppMinute), Sam Levin knows which apps work and which ones don't so when he recommends and app, you know he's using it. This week Sam tells us his ever-rotating list of top 3 apps (again, called his favorites, but they happen to be often-used)...

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TUAW TV Live redux: New MacBook Air unboxing video

If you attended our liveblog of yesterday's Back to the Mac event, you were introduced to Sam Levin, a Bay Area PR guy who also happens to love Apple products. Sam was our man-on-the-street for the liveblog, sitting in the audience and giving us a firsthand view of the proceedings. On his way out of...

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TUAW TV Live: The Steve and Sam show

As mentioned earlier today, my guest for today's episode of TUAW TV Live is Sam Levin, the brains and voice behind AppMinute.com and the AppMinute podcast (iTunes link). I always enjoy having guests on the show, and today's episode ought to be a lot of fun for viewers as well. We tried to do this sh...

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TUAW TV Live: If at first you don't succeed, try again at 5 PM EDT

Due to technical issues last Wednesday, my planned TUAW TV Live episode with podcaster Sam Levin of AppMinute never got off the ground. Well, we're not going to let a little DNS issue stop our fun! Join Sam and me at 5 PM EDT today as we chat about iOS apps, whether or not Android poses a threat ...

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