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Apple planning replacement for California "mini" Apple Store

Most Apple stores are spacious, but there are some older locations that are teeny, tiny mini-stores. Many of these smaller stores were opened in 2004 and need a facelift. According to ifoAppleStore, one mini-store in Santa Rosa is moving to a new location that'll give it six times more space th...

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MacBook Update

It looks like the rumors were right. Well, sort of right. The MacBook line has been updated. Before you get too excited, please note that this is a pretty minor update. The MacBooks can now be properly branded as utilizing the Santa Rosa platform (note: platform, not chipset - Santa Rosa is a bra...

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Meet the New Macs, A Little Faster Than the Old Macs

Personally, I crave speed. No, not the kind that can often be purchased on some local street corner in that part of town on the wrong side of the tracks. No, I'm referring to processors, front side buses, RAM and other factors that go into calculating the raw, unbridled, number-crunching power of th...

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MacBook Pros feature a 1.3MP camera sensor

Ken at Mac Daddy World confirmed an interesting discovery with a friend recently. Namely, the Santa Rosa MacBook Pros don't feature the same iSight as the previous MBP model Pictured at right is a snapshot from System Profiler on my own MBP (a 2.0 GHz Core Duo), above, and Ken's (a Santa Rosa model)...

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Benchmarking the new MacBook Pros

I'm the new guy on staff here at TUAW, and from what I've been told, I get to lay claim to something none of these other guys want to: I'm a die-hard gamer, and while playing games on a Mac might be like performing Shakespeare in Russian, I do it as much as I can (the play games on the Mac thing, no...

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Intel releases Santa Rosa notebook chipset

Our sister blog Engadget has the goods on Intel's newest notebook chipset which was released yesterday and is called "Santa Rosa." This chipset is the followup to earlier notebook chipsets which are presently powering the MacBook and MacBook Pro. This presumably means new and faster Mac portables so...

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