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Tag: Screen Capture

Friday Favorite: Voila captures your screen with ease, on sale now

Given the issues with my former screen-capture app-of-choice Skitch, I recently went on the hunt for a replacement that can grab screenshots and handle video capture. I've finally landed on Voila. While it isn't perfect, Voila offers plenty of functionality and does almost everything I need. ...

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Snagit 2.0 arrives with expanded feature set (updated)

TechSmith's powerful Snagit app for capturing and annotating screenshots or websites has been around for a little over a year, having first been reviewed on TUAW in November 2010. Today Snagit (US$49.95) has been updated to version 2.0, expanding the capabilities of the app to a higher level. Scree...

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Daily Mac App: Snap App

Taking screenshots on Mac OS is easy thanks to its decent built-in capture utilities, but taking nice ones is not as simple as you might think. App Snap is a developer-orientated screenshot utility that makes taking screenshots for app display a bit easier to manage. It's not just handy for d...

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Superstash lets you collect and annotate the mobile web

Superstash is an iPad app for collecting and annotating pages on the Web that inspire you. I see it as an app for designers, but it has many applications. The basic idea: snap screenshots of the viewable area of a web page using the in-app browser, add text and drawings on top of them and save the...

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Skitch leaps out of beta, 1.0 available now

Since it debuted in beta form at Macworld Expo in 2007, Skitch has become a favorite Mac utility for many, many people. It's great at grabbing screenshots, adding annotations and notes, and sharing them on, Flickr, or even your own server. We've waited three years for a 1.0 rele...

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Snagit on Mac: First look at this powerful screen capture tool

Back in December of 2009, I reported on the public beta of Snagit on Mac, a screenshot tool for Mac from TechSmith, the folks who bring you the Camtasia screen recorder. Well, the beta is over, and after 100,000+ testers gave the app a good scrubbing, it's now available for sale for US$49.95. Snagi...

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Screenshot Plus and iWork: the poor man's screenshot editing suite

Despite their office productivity leanings, the iWork suite of apps (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) also serve as good image editors. With each app, you can crop and mask an image, as well as create alpha channels. While a handful of useful paid-for screen capture apps are available for Mac OS X -- and...

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Five widgets for Friday

As we've previously pointed out, in many ways, Dashboard Widgets are the precursor to iPhone apps. Need to know when your latest packages will arrive? Yes, there's an app for that. But there's a widget too. Need to figure out how many pesos are in a dollar, or what a Quarter Pounder with Cheese come...

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app4mac releases Sequence 1.1

Sequence, a screen capture utility developed by App4Mac, has been revised to version 1.1. This is a free update for registered users. For capturing screenshots or video of Mac screens, Sequence takes advantage of multithreaded code and 64-bit support for compression. Capturing DVD playback and...

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AppleScript: Taking screenshots

Last week, Dave mentioned that you can change the file type used system-wide for screenshots. However, some people are afraid of using to muck around with their Mac. In this week's AppleScript article, I am going to show you how to take screenshots and change their file type using a...

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TUAW Faceoff: Screenshot apps on the firing line

Whether you want to post something to a web page or blog, or show off an application element in a presentation, taking quality screenshots is becoming an increasingly common task for lots of different Mac users. Although OS X comes with its own built-in screenshot utility, Grab, and onboard F-keys ...

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Beta Beat: Screenium

Screencasting is becoming a standard method of conveying software-related information. I'm fairly certain that even my mom knows the word, which is my typical buzz-guage. And here you were, thinking "I wish there was yet another contender in the screencast recording arena", right? Lucky you. Synium'...

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Snapz Pro X 2.1.1 is available

Earlier today, Ambrosia released version 2.1.1 of their popular screen capture tool (we've written about Snapz Pro X several times). For the unfamiliar: Snapz Pro X lets you capture what you're doing on your Mac's screen - or just a portion thereof - as a Quicktime movie. It's a fantastic way to mak...

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Mac 101: Capturing your screen

Everyone got a #2 pencil? Then we're ready for more Mac 101, tips and tricks for novices and "I forgot how to do that!" veterans alike. Today we're talking screenshots, an essential tool whenever you need to document or display something for posterity. While there are lots of third-party tools for s...

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Jing makes screen captures slick and easy

It's always something: just as I start to write up a Mac 101 on screen grabbing, along comes something cool, free and pretty: Jing for Mac. Built by the screen capture savants at TechSmith (developers of Windows tools Camtasia and SnagIt), Jing combines a lightweight, one-click image or motion captu...

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