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Parenting Tip: Protecting your iOS device from bumps, bruises and bashes

Having a naked iPhone or iPad around kids means living in constant fear of one of them snagging the device and dropping smashing it on the floor. Though the iPhone and iPad are lovely devices when they are undressed, parents who want to keep their devices in pristine condition would be wise to a...

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Seidio's Vitreo tempered glass screen protectors: solid iPhone 5 protection

Many iPhone owners wrap their devices in a case for protection, but don't stop to think about protecting the screen. If they do, the screen protector is usually some sort of thin plastic film that shows bubbles or "rainbows" due to the material being different from the hard glass used on the iPho...

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Apple announces Bumpers for iPhone 4, gets into the protection biz

During an Apple keynote, it's almost impossible to catch all of the info flooding out of Moscone. One thing we did catch, and then had to search for, was something about "Bumpers." A quick look at the pages on the Apple Web site didn't seem to show anything until I scrolled to the bottom of the ...

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TUAW First Look and giveaway: A flood of NewerTech iPad accessories

Judging from the number of questions I'm asked about cases for iPads, it appears that the second decision after "What iPad should I buy?" is often "What iPad case should I consider?" Thanks to Newer Technology, TUAW received a sampling of their new line of iPad cases, and we have a few to gi...

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Apple bans protective screen films from Apple Store

iLounge is reporting that Apple has banned protective screen films from its retail and online stores. Several film-screen manufacturers have confirmed that Apple's ban will take effect in May. Multiple vendors told iLounge that Apple has said that it will remove both film-only solutions from its sto...

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Targus announces screen protector for iPad with Clear View technology

It's not surprising that many of the big names in Apple device protection accessories are getting into the iPad market, even with the release of the device still about six weeks away. Targus, a longtime provider of cases and mice for Apple's laptops, announced this morning that they'll soon be selli...

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