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Tag: ScreenSaver

HAL 9000 wants to be your Mac screensaver

Remember the iconic HAL 9000 computer from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey? We all wanted our own HAL, even though he pretty thoroughly crashed in the movie: "Open the pod bay doors, HAL." The folks at the HAL Project have been involved with simulating the look of HAL for years. Their first project ...

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Send Instagram to Dropbox for a cool Apple TV screen saver

Just recently, I posted about the Instacube, a Kickstarter project that allows you to more easily show off your great (or at least well-filtered) photography work on Instagram. But it turns out you don't need a whole cube to do that. With the proper tweaking of IFTTT (a tool we at TUAW also lov...

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Living Earth HD brings the iOS favorite to your Mac desktop

Living Earth for iOS was always a cool app, with a beautifully rendered pic of the earth with current cloud patterns and weather conditions on top of it. It even made our best of 2011 apps list. Now Living Earth HD has made it to OS X app store, and is selling for US $4.99, a 50% off limited in...

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Magic Window time-lapse desktop adds scenes, we look behind the curtain

I've looked at Magic Window a couple of times, first for the iPad and then in its OS X incarnation. The Mac version of the app has been updated today and now includes a total of 60 stunning scenes to spruce up your desktop or to use as a screensaver. The app is also on sale for $2.99 to celebrate...

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Found: Apple sneaks in a very cool Apple TV 2 screensaver

Apple is sometimes known for adding little features and not giving them much notice. A case in point is the recent 4.4 update for the Apple TV 2. Noodling around the other night, I noticed a new screensaver called Photo Wall. I selected it, and the Apple TV put my photos in a variety of frames, s...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Lightning!

Stormy weather, as long as we're not talking hurricanes or tornadoes, can be quite beautiful from a safe vantage point. Whether it's flashes of lightning dancing across the sky, or the rumbling claps of thunder that accompany them, there's something majestic about electrical storms. Lightning...

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AppWall screensaver brings the App Wall to your Mac

Even though I haven't actually seen it in person, I've been a big fan of Apple's App Wall at WWDC every year; they've hooked up a bunch of servers and Mac pros in order to create an animated set of App Store icons that shows real-time purchases in a very visual way. Now, I can have a little piece...

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WebSaver turns web content into a screensaver, free promotion right now

Sandwich Lab sent along word of their app WebSaver, which allows you to create a custom screensaver out of any web content you want. Once you install the screensaver, you can then go into the options and add URLs (like your Twitter feed, a Facebook page, or anything really -- you can make the front...

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Four free Christmas screen savers to get your Mac in the holiday spirit

I love this time of year. I love the lights and the snow and the holiday cookies. I also love getting my Mac in the festive spirit. From widgets to desktop pictures to icons, there are countless ways to dress your Mac for Christmas. Here are four festive screen savers. Best of all, they're free. ...

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Friday Favorite: Dasher

Another Friday Favorite, our weekly opportunity to gush over one of our favorite apps. This week I'm going with an oldie but goodie that I use every day. Way back when Dashboard first appeared, my biggest problem with it was that I simply forgot about it. My main use of Dashboard is for displayin...

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Mac 101: Locking your Mac with a hotkey, like you can with Windows

One of the things that confused me the most when I switched to the Mac platform was the fact that there's no built-in way to lock the computer manually with a hotkey when walking away from it. This is something that was drilled into me from working in an office full of pranksters where leaving your ...

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Mac 101: SizzlingKeys - control iTunes with keyboard shortcuts

Controlling your music while you're working (or playing) on your computer should be virtually seamless. While these days it's almost impossible to buy a keyboard without media keys built-in, there are many users that either don't have media controlling keys on their keyboards, or would simply prefer...

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Mac 101: 7 tips for Data Privacy Day 2009

Today is Data Privacy Day, a global initiative to highlight information security rights and practices, especially among teens, professionals, corporations, and the government. As part of the celebration, TUAW (along with our sister blog Download Squad) has seven good ideas for you about how to keep...

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Get into the Halloween spirit with a screen saver

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, it's time to get your Mac into the holiday spirit ... with a screen saver! The free Jack-o-Lantern screen saver from Killer Robots does just that -- without the mess of carving a pumpkin. It has over 25 pre-made designs, but you can also create your own pumpk...

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Save your screen with movies and SaveHollywood

Got a folderful of movies of your kids? It'd be delightful to have them playing on your Mac as a full-motion family album. Or, suppose you're setting up a kiosk Mac where people are going to walk up, use it for a while, then wander away -- it would be nice if you could revert to an 'attract loop' of...

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