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Why a 7.85" iPad mini makes sense

The iPad mini rumors have been going on a good long time. Here at TUAW, we've long since moved past "will they or won't they." I want to address the "most likely iPad mini" scenario that many pundits have agreed upon. A 1,024 x 768, 7"-ish unit offers a budget, non-Retina scenario that allows min...

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Some developers undeterred by a larger iPhone screen

Recent rumors suggest the next iPhone will rock a bigger screen, moving from its current 3.5-inches up to 4-inches. Though users may be clamoring for a larger display, this new hardware could cause problems for developers who will have to design for several screen sizes. GigaOM talked to severa...

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How apps might work on an iPhone with a bigger screen

The Verge has an interesting article on the iPhone and how Apple could boost the screen size from 3.5-inches to a luxurious 4.0-inches without disrupting apps in the iOS App Store. The Verge argues that all it would take to design an iOS-compatible, 4-inch retina display is to change the aspe...

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