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Mac 101: Using QuickTime to record video of your Mac's screen

Sometimes you need to capture video of your Mac's screen, either to show someone a troublesome error or a quick how-to for a friend or family member. You can purchase a dedicated screencasting app like Camtasia, but for most casual users, QuickTime's screen record feature will fit the bill. To...

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Telestream reveals ScreenFlow 4 update

Telestream's flagship screen-recording app, ScreenFlow, has been updated today. ScreenFlow 4 (US$99, $29 paid upgrade to owners of previous versions) adds a ton of new and improved features to the app, which is used for recording and editing screencasts and presentations. ScreenFlow 4 now...

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Camtasia for Mac 2.2 update adds new effects, interactivity

TechSmith today announced an update to Camtasia for Mac, its powerful screen recording and video editing solution. Camtasia is a popular application for creating screencasts, and the new features announced today should make the app even more handy for existing and new users. The new hotspot...

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Cloud storage provider has announced a new free Mac app called SimpleShare to make sharing screenshots and screencasts with others a piece of cake. When installed and used with a free (5 GB) or paid account, SimpleShare appears as yet another menu bar icon. To capture a...

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Screencast your Mac to Apple TV over AirPlay

That screen you're looking at there? It's not my Mac. It's my Apple TV. TUAW reader James Low wondered if you could stream your OS X screen using the screen:// feature of VLC along the lines of the instructions found on this blog post. I decided to test it out using the same method I described...

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Drag and drop your windows into tidiness with Cinch

I'd never heard of Cinch, just mentioned over at Cult of Mac, but it's such a great idea I thought I'd check into it. Basically, Cinch does what all great Mac software does: it works in the background and lets you do what you want to do, skipping completely all the usual nonsense you usually have...

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ScreenFlow 2.0: top Mac screen recording app gets even better

I have a handful of apps that I use to show off my Mac to those still stuck on the dark side (ahem, Windows users), and ScreenFlow is among them -- heck, it's even the app I use for screen recording Windows (via Parallels). Already the gold standard in the screen recording app genre on the Mac,...

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Camtasia for Mac looks like a screencasting powerhouse

It hasn't exactly been a secret that I (and several others at TUAW) have been big fans of ScreenFlow since its release. Up until yesterday, I didn't really think it had much serious competition in the professional screencasting field. That seems to have changed with the release of Camtasia for Mac....

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Camtasia coming to Mac on August 25th

If you're wavering on the edge of switching to the Mac as a consequence of the impending release of Windows 7, this may be news that will push you over that edge. In the Windows world, there's an extremely popular app for recording, editing, and publishing screencasts. That application is Camtasia...

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Adobe demos Photoshop CS4's content-aware scaling

In a QuickTime screencast, Adobe's Russell Brown demonstrates content-aware scaling, a feature of Photoshop CS4, due to be released this month. A lower-resolution YouTube demo from is available here, if you don't want to download a huge QuickTime movie. The content is different, but...

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Found Footage: Writing your first iPhone application

The removal of the NDA from the iPhone development scene means that a trickle of educational content for would-be developers is rapidly turning into a flood. Xcode instructor extraordinaire Bill Dudney of The Pragmatic Programmers has made a 22 minute video screencast available for those who want to...

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Clips updated to 1.1

Clips is a relatively new application (designed by our friend Nicholas Penree and his cohorts at Conceited Software, who also sell Linkinus) designed to kick your clipboard into overdrive -- it'll let you keep track of any and all clips even across applications, Spaces, and even different Macs....

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Evernote + Screencast ready for prime time and paid use

Two of my preferred Mac-friendly cloud services have now made the jump to actually accepting money from subscribers, which is a good thing (really, it is!). TUAW favorite Evernote has moved from private to public beta, and Techsmith video hosting site is now at 1.0 release status....

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TUAW Faceoff: Screencasting

Screencasting -- the not-so-ancient art of recording the computer screen for the entertainment and enrichment of others -- has evolved into quite a Hydra of options. How do the myriad gladiators in this arena stack up? I've tried everything I could find that could record a little movement on the...

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Beta Beat: Screenium

Screencasting is becoming a standard method of conveying software-related information. I'm fairly certain that even my mom knows the word, which is my typical buzz-guage. And here you were, thinking "I wish there was yet another contender in the screencast recording arena", right? Lucky you....

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