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QuickTime exploit in the wild, demoed on Second Life

As reported, the RTSP vulnerability in QuickTime was accompanied by working exploit code, accelerating the process of malefactors and miscreants turning it into actual malicious payloads. Symantec & other outlets have since reported that the QuickTime exploit has been seen in the wild; the exp...

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Visit the virtual Apple Store in Second Life

Reader Steve Rubel tipped us to the virtual presence of an eerily familiar retail environment inside the Second Life metaverse. In this virtual Apple Store, you can belly up to the Genius Bar, or browse the imaginary products on the not-really-there shelves -- and yes, Laurie, that's a Cube there o...

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Macworld coverage in Second Life

There are a lot of ways to cover the keynote, but Mac-Essentials has a neat twist. They're using an island in Second Life shaped like the Apple logo to convene continuous coverage of the event in real time. I visited the island and found a cool mockup of the Apple glass cube store you find in Manha...

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Apple Second Life Feature

Are you familiar with Second Life? It's a virtual online community where you create your own custom avatar and interact with other losers whose first life isn't fulfilling enough other interesting people in a magical fantasy world beyond your greatest imagination! (Okay, okay, so I'm being a little ...

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