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Daily iPhone App: Eyelord has your fill of squishy orb matching

Eyelord is the latest title from the folks at Secret Exit, whose game Zen Bound and its sequel you probably know well. Zen Bound was a well-produced game with a really excellent design, and Eyelord follows that trend, with a simple mechanic held up by triple-A quality production. The game is ...

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From iPhone to iPad: Revisiting Zen Bound 2

How do old favorites hold up on the iPad? In our "From iPhone to iPad" series, TUAW revisits iPhone applications that have transitioned to the iPad. We look at their latest incarnation and see how the new measures up to the old. Today, TUAW looks at Zen Bound 2. It was just about a year ago w...

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Interview with Zen Bound creators on iPad and iPhone games

AppAdvice has an interview up with Secret Exit, the folks who made one of the best iPhone games of last year, Zen Bound. They spoke not only about that game and how the iPhone turned out to be the perfect platform for them to start out on, but also about the iPad and what they're planning to do with...

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Sneak Peek: Stair Dismount offers... broken bones, mostly

Remember Zen Bound? It's a gorgeous and fun-to-play little puzzle game. So when I heard that SecretExit, the makers of Zen Bound, were about to release a new app, I was excited to get a sneak preview. Stair Dismount is a very different game to Zen Bound. Although, as you can see in the above...

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